Spent Grains - From Beer to Bread


At BBP, we aim to take an active role in circular economy & fight against waste. After Babylone, the first beer ever made with unsold bread, we now go further by reusing our spent grains of malt to make... bread and close the loop!

The "spent grains" are the residual grains of malt after the brew. They represent the biggest "co-product" of the beer industry, with billions of tons produced each year in Europe. Most of them are used to feed animals, but this is more complicated for urban micro-breweries. 

They are rich in proteins & fibers, while facilitating transit and containing very low calories. Let's give them a second life as human food!


To reduce waste, we dry them in our Dansaert-based brewery just after each brew as to ensure their top quality. Target is to dry 80% of our grains, which represent up to 40 tons per year!

We have a partnership with 2 local bakeries to transform our flour back into bread. But the products could be used in many different recipes, such as biscuits, granola or waffles. You can find here below a few recipes, created by one of our crowdfunders (@Tara_Tartine).

If you are creative and feel inspired by the project, just pass by our taproom in Dansaert, get some grains or flour and let's give them a second life together!