4 prototypes - 1 will survive - you decide !!

We're already on our 5th prototype wave to elect our new permanent All Star! Who'll be the one to join the family after the elections of Delta IPA, Grosse Bertha, Red My Lips & Jungle joy?

This time, Red My Lips will actually fight to keep its rank with 3 other beers and it'll be decided over exciting blind tests! All the beers will be low ABV, perfect for the upcoming Summer!

We'll organise small tastings and a special Final Event on May, 5th at La Vallée. For our friends in Paris & Tokyo, there'll be also tastings on April, 18th & April, 21st respectively - more info on FB.

!!! All small tastings are sold out !!!

No worries though, you can still join us in Paris (April, 18th), Tokyo ;) (April, 21st) and for our Final Event in Brussels on May, 5th. 

More info here