brew your own all-stars

Hello folks,

Most of us have some free time ahead so let’s make the best of it and once the lockdown is over, we can have some awesome beers to share with friends!

At BBP, we think homebrewing is the base of a thriving beer scene and we love its spirit : wild, creative & fun ! We also cherish the do-it-yourself approach, as an excellent way to learn new stuff and get out of our comfort zones.

Many professional craft brewers started via homebrewing. This is actually how we got started too in Olivier’s garage & there’s no reason you couldn’t be next 😉

So time to get your hands dirty & challenge our beloved Delta IPA !!!

Ol & Seb

Brew your own delta

Have you started brewing yet?

The race for the the best challenge of our beloved Delta has started, this week we received the first brews in Dansaert, and we can’t wait for the next ones!

The winner will be invited to co-create and brew a new recipe in Dansaert at the end of the Summer with our team of brewers.

To enter the competition send us 5 bottles of your Delta DIY & your contact details by July, 1st 2020.

Our panel will taste them and select the top 3, who will be asked to send us a short description of their beer & why they entered the competition.

We will then select the winner on July 23rd 2020 ! Good luck & good brew!

Any questions ? Hit us up at keepintouch@beerproject.be


Can't brew your Delta?

Get it here!


Brew your own Grosse Bertha

Next up: Grosse Bertha

It blends a Belgian triple and a hefeweizen in a recipe which made it the winner of our 2014 Prototype challenge.  Cheers!

Brew Your own Wunder Lager

We consider it as our Fifth Element, the supreme combination between low-ABV and rich aroma & taste!

It’s our first lager, so we’re even prouder!You elected it in May 18′ among 4 low-alcohol prototypes. The Wunder Lager won substantially, dethroning Red My Lips. These are the – tough but fair – rules of the game.Enjoy!