• BBP Cans Coming up Soon

    Did you like the Summer Haze can version?

    Well ... we did as well! And that's why we decided to launch more beers in cans, at the begining of 2019! More convenient to carry than its big sisters in bottles, the can version will be your new BFF *.

    Drink it up on the spot or keep it in the bottom of your bag (or your pocket). It will be perfect to accompany you to any evening without breaking it up. We keep you informed about these new technological advances!

    * Best Friend Forever

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  • Lyfe Cycle Beer

    Lyfe Cycle is a beer specially made with the Half Acre Beer Company, a brewery from Chicago !

    The blend of American hops Mosaic and Crystal with a Belgian lager (6%) offers you a unique booz and a beautiful image of intercultural collaboration. Add to that a touch of guava and tangerine puree and you will taste an awesome and unique beer.

    This new creation is to discover on taps and cans at the Brasserie BBP in Dansaert street. Cheers!

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  • Wanderlust 2nd edition

    The 5 years of Brussels Beer Project were worthily celebrated during this second edition of the Wanderlust Festival! Thank you all for responding to the invitation! To the beers' lovers, curious, craft aficionados, brewers emeritus who made the trip for this beautiful weekend of September and the others! What a day!

    You were over 2000 at Quay 01. Each year more and more people seem to be attracted by the discovery of new beers! And it's a pleasure to offer you that! See you soon to celebrate other BBP events or see you next year for a new Wanderlust which already promises you a lot of surprises ...!

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  • BBP Brewery 2.0 in 2020 & it starts today !

    We just launched this morning our "Call for Architects" for our future playground in "Port Sud" Anderlecht, Brussels!!

    We're looking for daring designers who can help us build a brewery of the 21st Century that'll take all our production back to Brussels - a capacity of 10million bottles/year to brew over 30 different beers - rien que ça!

    Crazy milestone for us - if you know a top-notch architect - make sure she/he applies via Brussels Bouwmeester
    More details on our website

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  • A devil in a bottle is going to Russia to kick some ass.

    A devil in a bottle is going to Russia to kick some ass. Let's drink good beer, eat some poutine & shine this Summer!
    Release : this Thursday, 14th at Dansaert & Pigalle
    Little Red bomb at 5.4% brewed with blackberries, raspberries, red & black berries - rien que ça!

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  • Wanderlust '18

    Next September, the Brussels Beer Project will turn 5 years already!! Let's celebrate our 5th Anniversary on Saturday September, 15th with a new edition of our Craft Beer Festival, WANDERLUST*

    Small Breweries - Big Beers ! 15 breweries will join us from all around the world to make us travel far by exploring their brews.

    Come over, bring your friends & expect fireworks!
    - - -

    SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September, 15th from 1PM to 11PM

    AT THE DOOR: 20eur for 1 Wanderlust Glass + 6 beers (12.5cl)

    PRESALE: Get your Presale to secure your ticket, skip the line & get 2 free beers! http://Wanderlust.brussels

    BREWERY LINE UP so far: Amundsen (Norway), Oedipus (The Netherlands), Oud Beersel (Belgium) + names of the other breweries will follow!

    WHERE: Quay 01 (former K-NAL) - 1 avenue du port, Brussels 1000

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  • In Memoriam Dark Sister

    It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we announce the passing away of our beloved Dark Sister. The circumstances of her passing are still under investigation... To commemorate her life Brussels Beer Project organises a wake and goodbye drink. This is planned next Thursday May 31st at the brewery/funerarium between 14-22h.

    Dark Sister was born at the end of 2013. Delta IPA's sister was a dark Christmas present for the BBP family. In 2014 she mysteriously disappeared and we thought she'd never come back. Out of nowhere she magicaly reappeared and became the favorite of many. Our Dark Sister is now heading to the graveyard again, where she joins many Beers of the Month and #EXP-friends. We are very sad to see her go but somehow we don't think it's the last we've heard from her...

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  • Wunder Lager our new All Star !

    So our future permanent All Star you elected will be called... Wunder Lager. Available late Summer.
    Our 3.8% india pale lager brewed with absurd amounts of cascade, colombus & mosaic. 
    Thanks for all the names - we had a crush for this one. If you are the one who had the idea, come talk to us!

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  • Proto 2018 !

    Thanks to all of you who braved the beautiful sunshine & came to La Vallée last Saturday - such a blast!
    The Hoppy Lager, disguised behind the Pink Cross, won big & actually won almost all the previous small tastings before - so a true winner!
    It's our 1st lager ever - so quite proud - and we added a good amount of Cascade, Colombus, Cascade & Mosaic into this 3.8% abv Magic. 
    It's also means we'll have to say good bye to Red My Lips, that finished 2nd, tough life but that's the game!

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  • America tour '18

    America tour '18 : Chicago , DC , Nashville 
    1 top collab with Half Acre Beer Company with a guava & tangerine Belgian Single fermenting now before being can conditioned. 5 TTOs & our 1st CBC conference, and last but not least - our 1st Nashville Honky Tonks. 
    Big kuddos to Adam & the fine team from Artisanal Imports. We'll come back for more!

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  • Let's go to America !

    Let's go to America !!
    We'll do launch events in 3 cities next week : Chicago (TTO at Hopleaf on Thu, 26th) , D.C. (TTO at Brasserie Beck on Fri, 27th & at Pizza Paradiso + Bier Baron on Sat 28th) & Nashville (TTO at Black abbey on Sun, 29th)!
    If you have some friends in the hood, pls share the news - good weekend to all !!


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  • Brussels Beer Project arrives in Paris!

    We are expanding the BBP family by opening a taproom in Pigalle, Paris, and it’s going to be awesome!

    Which address? 1 Rue de Bruxelles in the 9th district, what a surprise!

    The opening is planned for February 2018…

    Follow our new Facebook page for more information!

    Beer For Life is also available in France with the new taproom in Pigalle as pick-up point.

    Click here to be part of the crowdfunder community :)

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  • Beer for life is on again!

    Beer For Life is ON again!
    2,500 crowdfunders joined us already, and you're next in line to get great beers, every year, for life !!
    Just check out our page.

    You can pick up the beers in Brussels, Tokyo ... and Paris - so no excuse !

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  • Looking for a cool Xmas Gift?

    Looking for a cool Xmas Gift ?!
    We got your back , don't look further. 3 fine beers + our Teku tasting glass. Your friends will love you! Now available in shops around Brussels & in our taproom!

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  • Jungle Joy - mango & passion fruit dubbel, our new All Star beer!

    We launched the Jungle Joy, our passion fruit/mango dubbel you elected this Summer !
    Come by the brewery to welcome this exotic beauty in the BBP family. It's our new permanent All Star, so we hope it's the start of a long life !!

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  • Wanderlust, BBP Anniversary Festival - What a blast !!

    4 years old & the feeling we're just warming up
    Thanks so much to all the brewers & everyone who joined us in the celebration !
    See you next year for even more fireworks!




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  • Let's refresh the Abbey beer style with Père Jérémie!

    BBP & the St. Catherine's Church launchED on the church's square a new generation abbey beer, the "Ste Kat’".

    Not the most probable association, right? Father Jérémie knocked at our door a few months ago & if we were a bit hesitant at first, his enthusiasm became contagious fast enough! We feel he brings a great energy to the neighborhood & we were certainly interested in the challenge of refreshing the abbey beer!


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  • We're on Good Beer Hunting!

    While in Chicago, we've been invited by Michael from Good Beer Hunting to talk about the BBP & how we see the scene evolving. Michael has a deep knowledge and takes a documentary approach with his program, it was a great honor to be a part of it. The podcast is not so short but if you have time on your side, feel free to press play!

    Listen to the podcast

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  • Wanderlust

    Small Breweries - Big Beers ! Let's get the party started  on Friday October, 20th & Saturday October, 21st for our 2nd Anniversary Craft Beer Festival, WANDERLUST, to highlight our passion to travel & explore with beers.

    Over 15 breweries from 9 countries will join us so you'll explore fine brews from Iceland, UK, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium & the US!

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  • BBP & Brussels featured on the New York Times!

    Thanks to The New York Times for the feature, a great surprise!
    It's no fake news to say that Brussels is rebounding, Brussels is thriving & Brussels is kicking.
    For more addresses & tips, click here !

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  • The team is growing fast & we got more jobs available!

    BBP is growing fast & it's just the start
    4 new jobs, 1 is for you!
    Apply now here or Share along

    Export Shaman // Make our beers travel further
    Captain of Important Stuff // Be our community & sustainability XFactor
    Beerista // Spread your love for craft beers
    Logistics Gladiator // Bring your boundless energy to our brewery

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  • Collab with French electro legend, Vitalic!

    Eternity - our collab with French electro artist Vitalic Official
    Infused with cucumber & juniper berries, this Sour inspired by the Gin culture is perfect for Summer !
    Listen it with the Tunes "Eternity" from album Voyager & dive into a cosmic odyssey !

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  • Prototypes 2017, it's ON !

    Prototypes 2017 >> It's ON !!!
    5 Proto, 1 will survive, you decide ;)
    After the elections of Delta IPA, Grosse Bertha & Red My Lips, who'll join the family this year?




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  • Beer Advocate talks about Brussels!

    Brussels is alive & kicking !

    Top magazine Beer Advocate talks about the revival of the Brussels beer scene
    "the Belgian capital’s beer scene has grown dynamically in recent years, with young guns like Brussels Beer Project and Brasserie de la Senne turning out world-class brews in contemporary styles"
    Happy reading !

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  • BBP has a new home in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

    It's ON Opening // Brussels Beer Project at Shinjuku !

    Our first Home outside of Belgium & in the heart of Tokyo - 18 taps - all our beers & fine local guest breweries too - lots of event & much more . . .

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  • Patagonian Dream with Paula and Fransisco

    Bienvenido en Argentina with the "Patagonian Dream" imagined by Paula & Francisco on #mybeerproject
    This Blueberry Session Wit infused with Argentinian hops recalls the fresh air of the Patagonian wonderland and will take you far away - enjoy & salud !!

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  • April's fool with Brasserie de la Senne

    So much fun brewing with Bernard & Yvan from Brasserie de la Senne that it almost felt true 😛
    Bon poisson & Bon weekend à tous !

    #almostnofilter #aprilsfoool

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  • From keg to house!

    Nothing beats the beers freshly tapped from our kegs!

    If so, come fill a growler with your favorite beer at the taproom. Thereby, you can bring back home this 1.89 liter (64oz.) baby :)

    What is exactly a growler? A bottle that you can reuse as you wish. Once finished, you only have to pass by the brewery to fill it again. Another way to enjoy BBP even in your couch ;-)

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  • #beerforlife - now over 2,000 in da club!

    12 beers - every year - for life :) After receiving many requests during the year, we finally open BEER FOR LIFE for 2 weeks and received over 500 subscriptions putting the final number well above 2,000 crowdfunders! this is a game changer for us in order to boost our word of mouth and of course, keep investing in state of the art equipment & amazing talents!

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  • #mybeerproject - & the winner is "Patagonian Dream"

    Che, boludo! Here comes "Patagonian Dream"
    The big winner is Francisco, an argentinian based in Brussels! Over 9500 caps or 2,000 people, many of them from Buenos Aires, voted for this beer ! Even the press in Argentina talked about it, click here to see the article !

    Also congrats to Geoffrey, the challenger with Mango Django, who collected 9072 caps! Huge effort!

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  • Leviathan, our cognac barrel aged barley wine

    Leviathan is the first chimaera of our barrel aged twilight series. Brewed with Herkules and Ella hops and a great blend of cara malt, you'll find aromas of toffee, caramel, belgian fruity yeast and spices. Taste is quite malty and nutty with some wood and grape notes.  

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  • Collab with Kyoto Brewing, Japan

    Collaboration brew with our friends from @kyotobrewing from Japan !! Saison infused with Sudachi , sansho pepper & kuromoji tea leaves - can't wait to taste this Belgo-Japanese beauty !

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  • Good Beer Feast! Sep, 3rd

    Small Breweries - Big Beers ! It'll be our 1 year anniversary since we brew at our brewery in Dansaert, Brussels and we are very psyched to welcome 13 craft breweries from all over Europe & beyond to join us in this celebration! They come from all over: from London to Barcelona, from Rotterdam to Kyoto, from Paris to Berlin, from Brussels to Trondheim! Come & join the fun!

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  • Beer & Jam Session

    On Friday July 29th, just before the Summer break at the taproom, we invite you to our 1st Jam Session hosted by General Bazaar - come over, play & enjoy the good vibes!

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  • What Brexit?! Collab in London with Ansbach&Hobday!

    In London , brewing with the fine team of Anspach & Hobday : a black tripel with marris otter & zeus fresh hops! Tonight party is on with a Tap Takeover at The Bottle Shop!

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  • Beer on Wheels!

    Cheers to our new toy! After 3 years of using our old & small cars, we now welcome this flamboyant beauty! It'll cover the whole city of Brussels to make sure nobody is thirsty anymore - look out!

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  • Collab with Pirata from Catalunya!

    Aran & Paco from Cerveses La Pirata - Catalunya - are in the house!!
    we brewed a brown ale infused with Cascara, the dried berries from the coffee plant - and it already smells awesome!

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  • Devils, Wide Screens & Good Beers !

    On vous attend à la brasserie pour tous les matchs des Devils pendant cet Euro - montrez vos couleurs !
    Supporter voor onze Rode Duivels maandag en alle volgende matchen in de brouwerij - toon jullie kleuren!

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  • Red My Lips - our new elected All Star!

    Come meet her as of this Thursday, June 2nd at the brewery !
    She won your heart during the tastings and is our new permanent "all star" beer - a Belgian session at 4.7% hopped with Hull Melon & Simcoe - you cant get enough of her!

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  • New #EXP series

    New #EXP series ONLY available at the brewery !
    We already brewed 20 different recipes since last Summer and we now launch the EXP series - pushing the boundaries a notch up - just for the lucky ones coming at the brewery. We start with variations of IPAs with loads of fresh hops!
    #EXP0021: double white IPA - ibu 80 - warrior, chinook, sorachi ace
    #EXP0022: American IPA - ibu 60 - herkules, cristal, citra, centennial, simcoe
    #EXP0023: double IPA - ibu 100 - herkules, cluster, galena

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  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe got style

    During his official visit to Belgium, Japan Prime Minister - Shinzo Abe - could not resist to the temptation of enjoying our beers and specially "Soleil Levant" brewed specially for Japan!

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  • & the winner is ...

    the Red prototype who received over 40% of votes!! So much fun during 3 weeks of tastings ending at Halles St Géry before a great crowd - thanks to all of you who participated and joined with great energy - let's find this prototype a "real" name soon!

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  • Voted "best gastronomic concept in Brussels"!

    Thanks to all of you who voted for this VisitBrussels Awards, we are super honored to receive this "best gastronomic concept" award for 2015 - let's meet you all at the brewery soon!!

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  • 4 Prototypes ... 1 will survive .. You decide !

    It's the time of the year when we meet Brussels beer lovers for them to elect our new "all star" permanent beer. This year, we focus on 4 Session Ales - less is more - and will organise 11 tastings in Brussels, 1 in Leuven, 1 in Tokyo and a massive one at Halles St Géry!

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  • Beer Project on TEDx

    We had the chance to share some thoughts about beer in the future at the TEDx conference in Brussels. Thanks to the whole team, video will follow.

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  • Barrels Beer Project!

    Check out our cellar, we got barrels from Champagne (Chardonnay 1998) and from Burgundy (Vosne Romanée, Rully 1er cru and Nuit Saint Georges) - first brew is made and is already comfy in the barrels

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  • "Bruxellois de l'année"! :)

    It was already a great honor to be nominated, let alone, win the title "Bruxellois de l'année"  . We were just ahead of Stromae :) Bravo to the whole Beer Project team & huge thanks for all of you who voted & expressed their ever lasting support - we happily share this title with you!

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  • Beer Project in Japan!

    We were in Tokyo and Kyoto for a few days to visit our good friends Koichi, Koki and the whole Brussels Japan team! We also brewed a special release "Soleil Levant", our Flower Saison, and met with the great guys of Kyoto Brewing - fantastic time!

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  • Norway invades Brussels!

    After brewing with Austmann, Lervig and Lindheim some awesome beers - we invited them all to Brussels to showcase their beers during a massive Tap Takeover. On the menu : rhubarb berliner weisse, cherry sour, various imperial stouts, brett IPAs, you name it ! It was a supra packed house and the first of many quality Tap Takeover at the brewery !


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  • Jamie Oliver loves his Babylone!

    Jamie Oliver invited us to London for the launch of "Toast Ale", based on the Babylone's bread beer concept! Our now famous brew was brought to light during the Channel 4 show "Friday Night Feast" next to Jamie.

    Our Babylone now has a little London sister brewed at Hackney Brewery & Tristram Stuart, the great foodwaste activist, is the project leader and shares our big hopes. Cheers to "Toast" !

    See the show here.

    More info on Toast here.

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  • I am your Sister!

    Holly Fxck! Who would have guessed? With the special release of the new episode "The force awakens" - our favorite character comes back to life with a new big reveal...

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  • #Beerforlife Crowdfunding OPEN!

    It's on again! It's our 3rd wave of crowdfunding - don't miss the fun this time & join the adventure by supporting us  - in exchange, we'll give you 12 beers... every year... For Life and much more love! Yes, that's right :) Check out this link for full details !

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  • Princess Jasmine is the winner!

    We launched #mybeerproject last month and we received over 400 proposals, the winner is Princess Jasmine created by Michel Nguyen who got an astonishing 2,914 caps - killing the competition!

    In the words of Michel "A mix between tea and beer. The idea comes from beers I've seen in Japan (Green tea) and Vietnam (Jasmine tea)"

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  • Beer Project in Brazil!

    Early November, we made the launch of the Brussels Beer Project in Brazil during the Slow Brew Festival in Ribeirao Preto & at EAP in Sao Paulo with the support of Bier&Wein.

    We had an awesome time with so much energetic vibes from a country & people truly awakening to good craft beer. We'll come again soon, Saude!

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  • Collab with British band Editors

    We were very pleased to work with British Indie Rock band Editors on a special release : Salvation.

    With music pairing in mind, we aimed to bottle their music with a dark porter with infusion of earl grey. 

    Know more about Salvation here

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  • Opening : a great celebration!

    So many thanks to all of you who came to our Opening celebration ! 

    It wasn't so easy to count you all but you were over 3,000 to join the party - we see you soon with more creations !

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  • Collaboration with Austmann - Norway

    Great fun with Vinko & Coop from Austmann with us to brew an Aztec Stout with Chipotle !

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  • Opening 24/10 with a growing family

    We brewed 3 new beers just for our Opening this Saturday 24/10 - Chove Chuva, La Bohème and Bloody Pumpkin - so come over !

    Where: Dansaert 188 - Brussels 1000

    When: Saturday 24/10 from 3pm to 9pm

    More info here !

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  • Collaboration with Lervig - Norway

    Dustin from Lervig Aktiebryggeri came from Norway to Brussels for a new collaboration beer coming soon - we also got the visit of the guys from Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn!

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  • one night beer

    New release : cheeky kamille. Our collaboration from last month with kaapse brouwers in rotterdam will be available one night only – wednesday june, 3rd at viavia café cheeky kamille is a camomile pale ale fermented in pinot grigio casks – supra limited edition – don’t miss it!
    Check the event here !


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  • 1.100 crowdfunders

    We feel blessed by all your good vibes – we closed the crowdfunding with a total of over 1,100 members !! Hartelijk dank voor jullie steun en aanmoedigingen, ça nous donne une énorme motivation pour aller de l’avant – Cheers !!

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  • team +50%

    Welcome Antoine – our 1st recruit – the team is growing! Antoine (in the middle) is a bio/brewing engineer with research background – a big step forward to increase R&D / quality, and get ready for our microbrewery.

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  • dark is back

    La Dark Sister is back from the outer world!
    Let’s get lost again

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  • Babylone at Milan Expo 2015

    Babylone will find her way to Milan Expo 2015 tomorrow at the stand of Corriere della Serra

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  • Team grows to 5 now!

    Welcome Dimitri (left) who brings some more passion of craft beer & who'll take care of our taproom!

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  • Babylone featured by The Guardian & Slate!

    Babylone was selected as one of 5 cool initiatives about food waste by The Guardian - great article by Slate too ... 

    The Guardian

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  • First brew at Dansaert!

    time is now and it smells so good !! the fun just started to get wilder !

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  • Cover of Inspired magazine

    funny to see your stupid faces on the cover - apparently about 1 million will see this too !

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  • Our big baby arrived!

    This looks like a new brewery in the streets of Brussels!
    The Big Baby just arrived from Germany – So excited & apologies for the traffic mess!!

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  • from brazil >>> brussels

    Our collaboration beer « Transatlantica » we brewed with Cervejaria Invicta in Brazil & Bierfabrik, finally crossed the Atlantic ! But only 10 bottles!!

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