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Beer for life

Being part of a new form of economy is, for the Brussels Beer Project, as essential as malt or hop are for beer. 

12 beers. Each year. For life !

Beer for Life, is the crowdfunding campaign that made everything possible. Enjoy excellent beers, each year, for life. Only for 180€. Yes, you read correctly.

As a crowdfunder, you are entitled to 12 beers every year in Brussels (10 in Paris and 6 in Tokyo) – to pick-up before the 31/12 – but also to a free beer every first Thursday of the month in Dansaert, and to 5% discount on your purchases in our taprooms.

Near 4000 crowdfunders already have answered our calls. In addition to the financial aspect, their support boosted our motivation, opened us new doors & new partnerships (such as our collab with Editors!) and pushes us today to give the best of ourselves.

More than just a deal, this crowdfunding is the opportunity to join the Brussels Beer Project adventure. Thank you all!

Where do I sign?

There is no crowdfunding at the moment, but if you want to be the first one to know about a future crowdfunding campaign, send us an email!

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4 proto-
types. One

It’s your choice!

All our All-Star beers have been through this. Every year, we brew 4 to 5 prototypes from our experimentations of the year. And we leave it to you to break the tie during tasting sessions. One rule: there can be only one.


In 2013 you chose the Delta IPA. Later, the Grosse Bertha, Babylone, Jungle Joy, Wunder Lager, and recently the Juice Junkie have joined our pantheon.
Have a look at our last edition!

Who’s next? Only time will tell!

Do you have the soul of a co-creator?

Be sure to be up to date before everyone else!

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Circular economy

The grain loop

Make beer with bread, is it possible? Yes, and we proved it with Babylone, our first beer brewed with unsold fresh bread.

Fighting against food waste, check. Be part of a circular economy, check as well!

From bread to beer… back to bread!

Why stop here? The spent grains, the malt leftovers after the brewing, can also be converted in bread. The grain loop is closed. And it’s also good for your health: spent grains are rich in proteins and fibers, facilitate the bowel movement and contain few calories.

Top quality
After each brew, the spent grains are dried immediately in our brewery in Dansaert.

50% of grains dried
25 tons/year. It’s our goal.

Local partners
Traditional local bakeries convert our flour in bread.

Have you ever tasted beer brewed with bread?

Meet Babylone