Our new home along the canal in Anderlecht!

Brewery 2.0





Production capacity
Up to 10 million bottles

Bassin de Biestebroeck « Port Sud » neighbourhood

Office Boydens

Opening late 2021!

The whole BBP production, including our All-star brewed so far in Anders, will be deported to our Brewery 2.0 and we will keep Dansaert for our temporary and experimental beers! We want to be among the best craft breweries in Europe and our new Brewery 2.0 will help us reach our goal!

The brewery will be designed to be exemplary in water recycling and energy management. It should also be particularly flexible because more than 30 different beers will be brewed each year, in both small and large quantities.

Even though the focus is on the production of beer, the brewery will also be open to the BBP community for visits and events with a beer garden of 900m2, located along the canal and bike path. It’s safe to bet that many people will spend their sunny afternoons enjoying a beer next to the vessels.

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