We’ve got LUST4LIFE!


Sorry Covid, but we’re still going strong! Pulling our weight to get out of this crisis nimbler, smarter, together towards a more sustainable, local future.

Sure, this was a kick in the *uts, we lost about two thirds our orders. It’s a big struggle for all of us, for all horeca and for all breweries.

BUT the support we’ve received from our community has left us speechless and filled with energy to keep going, with unwavering confidence and appreciation for what we now know cannot be taken for granted. Our local restaurants, our local bistrots, our local beer, among many other. This is a turning point for us.

Since last week, we’ve restarted our activity at the brewery, working on a new beer with all proceeds dedicated to the Horeca sector through HorecaComeback. Because we’re all in this together! We cannot wait to have you all taste it.

There’s also Lust4Life, our new beer of the month which came out this week, available on the eshop and in Dansaert as of next week Thursday (14/05), as well as in Delhaize starting May 18th, when we will (hopefully) once again be allowed to hang out with our close friends for a barbecue. We brewed it with 100% locally grown Belgian hops and boy, it’s full of citrussy tropical summery flavors. YES Belgian hops are all about the sunny side of the street these days!

We’re all looking forward to go back to the Beursschouwburg rooftop and see the sunsets on the city or to show our (sometimes dubious) running skills in front of the whole city during the 20k. We’re all looking forward to an apéro and some lazy sunshine at the terraces of Parvis Saint Gilles or to share some drinks & picnics with friends at the Cinquantenaire. We’ll get it soon & it’s going to be epic!

We’ve always been inspired by social entrepreneurship, the ethos of a circular economy that creates a decent life for all within the means of the planet. This is why we recently changed our legal status to hold ourselves accountable. We’re here to make great beers while building a better future together with our community. We’re working on becoming a certified Benefit Corportation (B-Corp) by the end of this year.

We’re also going forward with the biggest bet of our lives: the building of our brewery in Anderlecht is starting at the end of the summer, thanks also to the investment of Invest for Jobs, dedicated to local employment and the real economy. The new brewery, designed by OFFICE, will be energy self-sufficient, thanks to solar power and the re-use of the hot water generated in production for the heating of the building. It will also create 25 new jobs and facilitate partnerships with local companies for adapted work.

Keeping the company within the community is a big deal for us, and we expressed it in our latest employee survey, with the wish to become shareholders in the company. Wish granted: the BBP team members will also become part of the equity of the company thanks to a new shareholding plan.

We aim to make sustainable positive impact with our beers, and with each BBP beer you decide to enjoy, you’re adding one more stone to building this vision together with us!

Thank you for all your support and we cannot wait to see you soon,

The BBP Team ❤️

On beer and food


Belgium is under lockdown until May 03 (as far as we know at the moment). Easter holidays, for many of us, meant staying indoors. Navigating these unprecedented times has brought our attention back to basics: relationships, the importance of human connection and…food.

We’re lucky enough to have our supply of fresh food (and beer) available close by or at the click of a button. So we thought, why not dust up the old food pairing handbook and give you a refresher on the basics of pairing beer and food. After all, our senses are all about transferring emotion, and taste can facilitate pretty poetic experiences if you ask us.

The most important rule: TAKE IT SLOW!

These times are a chance to start practicing doing one thing at a time, and that’s ideal for expanding your palate.

Take a bite.

Close your eyes.


What are your perceiving?

Now take a sip.

What’s changed?

Much like with music, tastes go together to create harmonies. Can you taste them?

Sweet. Salty. Sour. Bitter. Umami. The 5 basic tastes.

Consciously or not, you’re already pairing the beer you drink with the food you eat: drinking a dark beer with your rich winter dish, a cold light Pilsener with a spring salad…

Food and beer naturally go together, and it’s hard to go wrong in pairings. What we’re going for though is discovery through taste, and, why not, some sparks of creativity 😉

Now, let’s cover a few basics: intensity, harmony and contrast.

The first and easiest guideline: match intensity.

Light food with lighter beers. Intense food with more intense beers.

A rich and greasy dish will completely overpower a simple blond beer. Look instead for something with the same level of intensity, probably higher in alcohol, with more complexity and layers of flavour.

The opposite is true as well: don’t drink an Imperial Stout with a softly spiced chicken or fish, unless you don’t want to taste the food anymore ?

Harmony.The second guideline is all about finding balance. The total becomes more than the sum of its parts. After matching intensity, the next step is to try and find common flavours or aromas in both the beer & food. Good balance means neither the beer nor the food overpower one another, creating complementary flavours that enrich the tasting experience.

Do you perceive notes of caramel in your roasted or fried meat or vegetables? Find a beer that has those touches of caramel as well, the beer and food will complement each other and the other elements in both dishes conspire to create layers of complexity in the pairing.

Contrast.This is where the fun begins! Once you’ve nailed intensity and harmony, contrast can add a layer of complexity but watch out… not everything works! Just like sound titillates your ear drums, you can get creative and surprise your palette as you start playing with the five basic tastes and other elements like carbonation, smoke, roastiness & tannins. For example:

  • Sweet, bitter & acid COUNTER & CALM most flavors (also themselves)

  • Bitter & Tannins INCREASE spiciness

  • Umami COMPLEMENTS fat, salt & sweet

  • Salt INCREASES sweetness

  • Sour beer increases salivation so is perfect as aperitif.

  • Carbonation & acidity CLEANSE the palate.

Once you master all of these, there is of course much more. Psychologist Charles Spence’s experiment on the “sonic chip” found that eaters believe louder chips to be better in taste. Also, it turns out that noisy planes make us crave umami, with noise making the taste more intense. So once you have your palette down, you can move on to orchestrating a sensory experience in your living room, with music and colors playing their part in your experience 😉

In the meantime, here are some simple ideas of food pairings with our all stars: