At BBP we love bitterness, it gives a perfect refreshing sensation during this hot weather. Did you know that sourness has that same capacity?!

This is why our new beer of the month 'Miami B**ch' has a touch of acidity. It's inspired by the fruity cocktails of Florida on a base of sour beer from Berlin. 

This blonde with orange/green hue resembles a lemonade and smells fruity right away. It's an interplay between the lactobacillus, the punchy hops and the addition of kiwi. 

You might expect a bitter beer based on the nose but there's a mellow sourness that enhances drinkability. At 4.6% the Miami B**ch is there to refresh you all through August. 🌴

  • ALC

  • EBC

Bitterness The higher, the bitterer!
Colour The higher, the darker!
Co2 =
Carbonation The higher, the more bubbles!