Hello folks,

Seems like we’re still in the thick of it, with Horeca  closed for the foreseeable future. Back in the spring of 2020, many of you asked us for the Babylone recipe, so are you ready to get brewing?! Once the lockdown is over, we can have some awesome beers to share with friends ( we’ll  see you at the brewery ? )!

At BBP, we think homebrewing is the base of a thriving beer scene and we love its spirit : wild, creative & fun ! We also cherish the do-it-yourself approach, as an excellent way to learn new stuff and get out of our comfort zones.

Babylone embodies our commitment to building a more local & circular model through our love of beer.  Inspired by the ancient tradition of using bread to produce beer, its main purpose is to reduce waste with a delicious brew.

So time to get your hands dirty & save some bread from going to waste !!!


We’re super excited to share with you the recipe of Babylone, a beer that now saves 10 tons of fresh bread from waste per year, for almost six years now!


BBP is firmly anchored in community & with this homebrew competition, we encourage you to do the same: get in touch with your local bakery & save some bread from going to waste.

Use as much bread as you feel comfortable with. The recipe below has slightly less than Babylone so you can easily home-brew it. But if you want to go big, go for it!!!

To enter the competition, you need to get creative!

The rules are:

Build a recipe based on the Babylone recipe above, including:

  • bread that was going to waste from your local bakery, grocery store or bread from home.
  • ABV 5-7,5%
  • EBC of 15-40 (color of the beer – or see link)

Then, share your work with us:

  • Send (or bring) us 6x33cl bottles (or 3x75cl) by April 30th postage date
  • Share your brewing experience with us in pictures, with a short description & recipe of your beer & why you entered the competition to keepintouch@beerproject.be
  • Don’t hesitate to mention the name of the bakery or grocery store providing the bread using the #BabyloneDIY on FB &/or Insta
  • Bonus: Get creative on the label (maybe in collaboration with a local artist?) for the most creative label prize!

Our team at BBP will taste them and select the top 4, who will be asked to send us a detailed recipe of their beer, why they entered the competition & any other fun facts.

We will then select the winner in May, who’ll be invited to brew with us in Dansaert this Summer! Good luck & get creative!

Any questions ? Hit us up at keepintouch@beerproject.be