Shower Power

Wash, exfoliate & cheer while supporting the local economy!

Lagered Shower Kveik
November 20

Beer soap x shower beer: Dear COVID, we’re keeping it so fresh & so clean clean!

We joined forces with the Savonneries Bruxelloises for an unexpected & quite original collaboration to end this crazy year with a bang: a circular economy soap made from brewery spent grains and hops & a shower beer to go with it!

Who said you can’t have a beer while caring for your skin? Wash, exfoliate & cheer while supporting the local economy! This beer & soap combo is ready to pimp up your shower routine with ginger, grapefruit, grain & hops in both beer & soap.

SHOWER POWER: Soft, hazy, & super easy drinking with refreshing grapefruit bitterness, plus ginger & grapefruit notes on slightly malty base.

The Krispy Kveik yeast strains to produce a lager-like beer, crispy & clean, perfect for the shower time!

FRESH UP YOUR GAME: Inspired by the hops of SHOWER POWER, the soap packs a punchy, fruity fragrance perfect to get you up and running at any moment! With notes of citrus and a hint of ginger and lime, this exfoliating soap offers an incredible sensory experience. In addition to the spent grain scrub, the soap is enriched with shea butter, almond oil and glycerin to moisturise the skin. It has a super silky soft texture thanks to the tipple milled technique used by Les Savonneries.

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