It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶, Santa Claus came early this year with the come-back of the Tante Tatin 🎄!
This year we’re in the same spirit as with the Babylone and the wasted bread. Thanks to Fruit Collect, we have collected apples from neighbouring gardens that were going to be Thrown away if we wouldn’t have been there!

What's the Tante Tatin? A round and gourmet winter beer with caramelized and apple notes. It might not be our lightest nor fittest beer, but why not during this period of the year!

  • Alc
    10.45% vol

  • IBU

  • EBC

Bitterness The higher, the bitterer!
Colour The higher, the darker!
Co2 =
Carbonation The higher, the more bubbles!