The heat wave passed by, though the summer has well arrived and it's time for some vacation! For those of you who haven't left we want to boost your moral with a nostalgic touch, we announce the return of the beautiful 'Tu Mi Turbi' :p

TU MI TURBI, it's an encounter in the Italian way. Fierce and uncompromising, intoxicating and transcendent, here is a double white IPA that does not leave anyone indifferent. With its creamy dress and veil she makes you are overwhelmed. Her bitterness is sharp with its 80 IBU. Its perfume oscillating between coconut and dill, will carry you far away!

  • Alc
    7,3% vol

  • IBU

  • EBC

Bitterness The higher, the bitterer!
Colour The higher, the darker!
Co2 =
Carbonation The higher, the more bubbles!