Let's introduce the winner of the #MyBeerProject contest 2017 !

Francesco and Paula who initiated this idea had the opportunity to brew with us this fresh and fruity Blueberry Session Wit Ale. You’ll get the thirst-quenching freshness of the Patagonian glaciers. Thanks to the hops coming from Argentina in the bags (literally…) of our two brewers of the day, you will find notes of fruit such as blueberry and grapefruit. This is a translation of a region whose relief and nature inspired this light, fresh and fruity beer.

A touch of Patagonia in the heart of Brussels...

No surprise: beer means music!
With this Patagonian Dream, we propose "Sur or no sur" from Kevin Johansen, a song shared by Francesco and Paula when they subscribed to the #MyBeerProject contest.

  • Alc
    4,2% vol

  • IBU

  • EBC

Bitterness The higher, the bitterer!
Colour The higher, the darker!
Co2 =
Carbonation The higher, the more bubbles!