Along with the return of Spring, we welcome back a delicate Saison infused with flowers, “Soleil Levant” cru 2017, a thought for our friends from the Far East !

This beer is dry and refreshing with a lively effervescence. You get a floral wind that sparkles and notes of elderberry and jasmine flower - true délice !

For the music pairing, we chose here “Night” by Ludovico Einaudi

A suave and lively song with high notes of piano giving a first, bitter and sparkling hit. Afterwards, the violin follows by blowing a complex and floral wind. Then, the violin speeding up on shrill notes brings us the beer’s dryness and refreshness.

  • Alc
    5,5% vol

  • IBU

  • EBC

Bitterness The higher, the bitterer!
Colour The higher, the darker!
Co2 =
Carbonation The higher, the more bubbles!