• Norway invades Brussels!

    After brewing with Austmann, Lervig and Lindheim some awesome beers - we invited them all to Brussels to showcase their beers during a massive Tap Takeover. On the menu : rhubarb berliner weisse, cherry sour, various imperial stouts, brett IPAs, you name it ! It was a supra packed house and the first of many quality Tap Takeover at the brewery !


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  • Jamie Oliver loves his Babylone!

    Jamie Oliver invited us to London for the launch of "Toast Ale", based on the Babylone's bread beer concept! Our now famous brew was brought to light during the Channel 4 show "Friday Night Feast" next to Jamie.

    Our Babylone now has a little London sister brewed at Hackney Brewery & Tristram Stuart, the great foodwaste activist, is the project leader and shares our big hopes. Cheers to "Toast" !

    See the show:

    More info on Toast:

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  • I am your Sister!

    Holly Fxck! Who would have guessed? With the special release of the new episode "The force awakens" - our favorite character comes back to life with a new big reveal...

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  • #Beerforlife Crowdfunding OPEN!

    It's on again! It's our 3rd wave of crowdfunding - don't miss the fun this time & join the adventure by supporting us  - in exchange, we'll give you 12 beers... every year... For Life and much more love! Yes, that's right :) Check out this link for full details

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